woensdag 9 mei 2018

Using Freelancer com for employers – short introduction – far more effective than any explanation on site itself

Using Freelancer com for employers – short introduction – far more effective than any explanation on site itself
1. go to https://www.freelancer.com/projects/php/klassiek-net-open-bidding/#/details and describe your project, including total lumpsum amount you have in mind as employer

award project to one of the bidders

WATCH OUT: !!!!: many freelancers will urge you to create milestones, often freelancers with the same name! Very well remember the (not unique) name of the freelancer you wanted including picture of the freelancer. This is essential in order not to get confused.

Do not react to any other freelancer messaging you

award initial milestone to freelancer and pay, award second milestone to same freelancer and state in second and last milestone that initial plus second milestone equal total lumpsum

if you are worried you have done something wrong, as too many milestones awarded, or accidently to different freelancers with same name, check you account balance on https://www.freelancer.com/users/financial-dash/

this will comfort you no money is lost.

To adress mistakes: revoke ALL all awards and milestones

still having your positive account balance as stated on https://www.freelancer.com/users/financial-dash/ , pick from biddings again your preffered freelancer, store picture and exact name – see step 2

Then go to https://www.freelancer.com/projects/php/klassiek-net-open-bidding/#/proposals, pick your sole desired freelancer, create initial milestone = at least 10% of total sum, and second milestone = remainder of lumpsum and state so.

The system will then NOT ask you to make another transfer, but will account the new milestones in the financial surplus – account surplus on

Have fun and good results with your freelancer!

Comparisons worldwide:
a website as freelancer.nl of freelancer.be is much better designed than freelancer.com – however, two points to bear in mind: 1) on freelancer.com you can get same job done for half of the price 2) awarding job for half of price do someone of 'developing country' is not exploitation, but helping an developing country. Bare in mind that exceeding driving speed limit in Netherlands costs as much as 300 euro (almost 400 USD) if 20 km/hour too fast! So earnings level in Europe is twice as high or more, but 'cost of living' is far higher as well due too excessive costs to government as stated in example.

I wrote above 1 page explanation to save other employers from over 10 hours of stress using freelancer.com for the first time. Explanation on freelancer . Com is very bad and support @ never answers email, and no telephone number available. FAQ's of course only address irrelevant issues – not the heart of the matter as above.

Philippe Blankert 9 May 2018 internetavenue@outlook.com Netherlands